Converting 2D to 3D

You would think it was simple to extrude a 2D black & white image into 3D space.  I tried a number of avenues.  They all pretty much have two large steps: 1) Provide a vector file like SVG or DXF and 2) Extrude in a 3D. I tried out a number of 3D modeling programs.…

Thematic fonts

Google fonts is a pretty awesome collection of web fonts.  There must be at least 500 of them.  Recently, I’ve gone through all of them for a project and, because it is such a time-consuming task, I took note of fonts that could possibly be used for very specific themes.  For reference, I am listing…

Drawing text around a circle

I was recently creating a mockup and had need to draw text around a circle, like in an analog clock face.  In Photoshop, this involves two things:

  • Understanding that text can follow an arbitrary path.
  • How to draw a circular path.

I came across a good video tutorials that covered the details: