Removing suggested videos from YouTube

Want to stop suggested videos from appearing after your video is done playing?  Simply add a query string parameter to the end of the video URL, like this:

That “rel=0” makes it so that the suggested videos will no longer appear; instead, the cover photo of your video will appear again.


Installing Windows

Every couple years, it seems I have a need to install a fresh Windows operating system.  In the past, it’s been about refreshing.  The new Windows recovery option helps with that a bit.  However, recently I’ve purchased a new HP computer and it came installed with a bunch of their bloatware.  The recovery option does…


WAMP and https

Why is this important? It looks like the BluePrint-Q preview is broken on the WordPress themes directory: Turns out that some assets are expecting to be loaded through http, but the theme directory is using https, which is causing the unpleasant layout. So, this is something I want to debug locally. Out of the…


Talking between computers

WPF is pretty awesome and I have a decent chunk of experience going with it.  However, I never really had a need to investigate the WCF side – Microsoft’s answer to communicating between machines. So, I am looking for a complete comprehensive tutorial that would start me out small and build me up to fully…


Thematic fonts

Google fonts is a pretty awesome collection of web fonts.  There must be at least 500 of them.  Recently, I’ve gone through all of them for a project and, because it is such a time-consuming task, I took note of fonts that could possibly be used for very specific themes.  For reference, I am listing…