Installing PEAR on Windows 8

PEAR is the PHP Extension and Application Repository.  It’s basically an add-on to PHP that has a bunch of frameworks that are available.  You can read more about it at the official site. Getting PEAR onto my system was not obvious.  I came across two articles that helped quite a bit: Although I…


Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of ‘100’ reached

That’s the error I got when using Visual Composer’s Posts Grid element on a long and involved post.  It did not happen when displaying the post through the single.php or archive.php templates – only the Visual Composer element. After some searching, I came across this as a workaround:   Basically, it turns out that…


PHP multiple inheritance

Was double-checking this today and confirmed that PHP does not support derivation from multiple classes.  But worthy of writing this article was a new construct introduced in PHP 5.4: traits. Traits mostly remind me old-school C pre-processor #define calls.  So, I can do something like this: Mix this with inheritance and interfaces – wow! Official…


Navbar Dropdown Woe

Came across an issue with the Bootstrap navbar dropdown with respect to WordPress.  Here’s the issue: Download Bootstrap and put it up on your website (reference the min.css and min.js files). Go to the sample code for the Default Navbar in the Bootstrap docs here and copy it to your clipboard. Paste that code into…



Typically, if using raw HTML/CSS, chances are that your site might work on something like Chrome, but not on something like Internet Explorer.  Enter Bootstrap – a collection of CSS and Javascript that handles the nuances between browsers.  It really has become ubiquitous – download it here:

CSS Performance

As I write the styling for a new site, I want to pay careful attention to too much CSS.  As a result, I did some searching on layout times and came across a list of CSS Selector types ordered from most efficient to least efficient.  Here they are: ID, e.g. #header Class, e.g. .promo Type, e.g. div Adjacent…