Styling the WordPress Admin

The WordPress backend has a very specific look to it.  If you are looking to add a new page there, you’ll want to style it similarly.  It’s not very clear what is available, but after a lot of searching, I came across these links that help shine light on the topic:

Forcing an error in an AJAX call

When calling AJAX from Javascript, callbacks of ‘success’ and ‘error’ are typically supported.  Your call might look something like this (I happen to be using Angular here): $http( request ).success( function( response ) { console.log( ‘SUCCESS: ‘ + response ); }).error( function( response ) { console.log( ‘ERROR: ‘ + response ); });   Your server code,…


Setting style heading tags for your WordPress theme

I am in the process of putting up a WordPress theme to the Theme Directory.  At the top of the parent style.css, WordPress requires something like this: /* Theme Name: Twenty Fourteen Child Theme URI: Description: Twenty Fourteen Child Theme Author: John Doe Author URI: Template: twentyfourteen Version: 1.0.0 Tags: light, dark, two-columns,…