CSS-only shapes

I’ve come across a number of sites that touch on how to create triangles by using only CSS.  Most recently, I came across a site that acts as a nice reference for triangles and whole lot more:


Benchmarks on WAMP 2.5

WAMPServer is the tool that I use to develop websites locally.  It is made up of three distinct technologies – Apache, MySQL, and PHP. I recently upgraded from WAMP 2.4 (Apache 2.4.4, MySQL 5.6.12, PHP 5.4.12) to WAMP 2.5 (Apache 2.4.9, MySQL 5.6.17, PHP 5.5.12).  At the time, I was developing an application with an AJAX…


Finding your fan page ID

If you have a Facebook page like this: https://www.facebook.com/something And you have a need for the ID of that page, you can type the following in your browser: http://graph.facebook.com/something That will return something like this: { “id”: “123456789012345”, “about”: “whatever”, “can_post”: false, etc, } That “id” value is what you seek.  If you pass through the…


Checking your DNS

There are times when I need to update the zone file on my remote server.  When I do this, it can take up to a day to become updated around the globe – but usually less than one hour in many places.  In any case, there is a tool that I like to use to…


CSS Cursors

I’ve seen a number of pages that explain what the different values for the CSS cursor attribute are.  All of these pages describe the cursors through text or in a manner that requires an inordinate amount of mouse movement and clicking. Fortunately, I came across a page that applies the various cursors on hover of specific…