Music Remixes

Those of you who know me know that I am a huge fan of old-school video game music – especially remixes, which is largely why I founded 8BitCool.  Well, maybe it’s just retro music, in general.  I recently came across a Doo-Wop version of “My Heart Will Go On” and it is pretty good. Then there…


Hiding WordPress backend menu items

I’m reworking a client’s site and am replacing their functions.php.  In there, I found a function that I wrote to remove specific menu items from the WordPress Administrative area.  For future reference, here it is: /** * Several menus items are shown to non-Administrators, but really should not * be displayed. Hide specific menus unnecessary…


A call stack for PHP

So, I’ve not come across any useful tool, like VisualStudio, that has an interactive callstack.  Next best thing?  This function from PHP: debug_print_traceback.

Give it a go.  Besides just a bunch of echo/die statements, you might want to use debug_print_traceback to help identify from where a common function is called.

Odd SSL forcing

I’ve been with my wife at the hospital today and have been working on the BluePrint-Q Tones while she rests.  Inbetween sessions, exactly one of the websites that I develop on localhost stopped loading properly.  I saw a ton of errors like this in the browser console: GET https://localhost/tbs/wp-content/plugins/bpq.banners/bpq.banners.css?ver=1.4 net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Eventually realized that all of…


Surface resolution

I’ve been working with a Windows Surface Pro 3 for the past year now.  Speed is great for my work, I’m able to play some of the latest games, and it is super-light.  However, its biggest detractor is this flimsy keyboard that makes it difficult to work with on my lap – I truly need…


Bootstrap navbar overflow strategy

Although it can be complicated markup, the Bootstrap navbar does have lots of features.  Unfortunately, the component does not handle menu overflow, as stated within a warning box on the official Bootstrap site. Generally, the content wraps decently except for when the navbar contains specific navbar-left and navbar-right elements.  When that happens, the navbar-right element appears…


Flip your upside-down screen

My mother-in-law just called about an issue where her computer screen was displayed completely upside-down.  It was not just the desktop image, but also the icons (and everything).  She felt like it happened when she was logging out. Turns out that Windows XP has a shortcut combination that does this – Ctrl + Alt +…


Handling todo lists

I deal with a number of todo lists.  When coding, I place sentinels throughout the source that typically look something like this: //DAN-NOTE: do x, y, and z //DAN-CONTINUE: when picking up on this, consider these //DAN-DEBUG: get rid of this once done fixing blah Then, when I want to run through all of my…


In the market for headphones

Years and years ago (when Circuit City was still a thing), I purchased a pair of Sennheiser headphones that sounded great and (most importantly to me) felt great.  Specifically, the piece that touched my ears was made of velvet – it was well work the $200 price tag back then.  Unfortunately, those eventually broke and…