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I have built and released quite a bit of software, ranging from gaming to productivity.


As I build, I write, especially in the technical space.  It helps me learn and offers an opportunity to share with the community.

Odd SSL forcing

I’ve been with my wife at the hospital today and have been working on the BluePrint-Q Tones while she rests.  Inbetween sessions, exactly one of the websites that I develop on localhost stopped loading properly.  I saw a ton of errors like this in the browser console: GET https://localhost/tbs/wp-content/plugins/bpq.banners/bpq.banners.css?ver=1.4 net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Eventually realized that all of…


Finding your fan page ID

If you have a Facebook page like this: And you have a need for the ID of that page, you can type the following in your browser: That will return something like this: { “id”: “123456789012345”, “about”: “whatever”, “can_post”: false, etc, } That “id” value is what you seek.  If you pass through the…


Repairing mail through CDN

A short while ago, I updated to go through a CDN.  Today, I noticed that I was not receiving email; although, I was able to continue sending. CDNs inject themselves by updating the zone file’s “A” domain record.  Evidently, CDNs can also update other records.  Sure enough, that’s what happened here.  This is what…


If you are also a coder, you might find one of my libraries to be a useful addition to your next project.


A library for use with Windows application development. Includes functionality that works with Microsoft’s WPF and will surely make any application easier and more fun to develop.


A library for use with Javascript, MySQL, and PHP. By also using ski.jump, a CSS generation wizard, you have a robust package to help jumpstart your next website.

Classified Works

Every project translates to more experience.  These are some of my experiences.


Try, try again – it’s the motto of any good Entrepreneur.  Here’s where I’m currently focused.


With over 700 games created for the Nintendo Entertainment System, I am on an adventure to obtain every officially-licensed, North American game cartridge.

Mix collecting with an improved 8bit-radio, an outlet to produce awesome gear, and the enthusiasm of my generation to create something cool –!

This venture is In an Alpha stage.  Stay tuned!


Magic: the Gathering is the largest, most successful trading card game ever sold. As an avid collector, finding a feature-rich, dependable application has been difficult.

I’m at the point where I want to raise the bar on collection applications with today’s standards in technology.  Tentatively, I call this Argivian Archive.

This venture is in a proof-of-concept stage.


Website development has been an interest of mine since the days of Netscape Navigator.  Fast-forward twenty years and the technology has grown rapidly.

As an avid WordPress user, I’ve built a framework that solves several design and development issues with the most respected technologies.

This is now a live product and can be downloaded here!


I’ve shared a lot about what I do and where the future goes from here.  Now it’s your turn.

Are you a venture capitalist?  A programmer?  A marketer?  Or maybe just someone that wants to say ‘hi’?

No matter what your reason for being here – feel free to drop me a line.  The best way to do that is through email.  You can do so by emailing directly to:

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